SC-5 Standard Probe:


Type-4 Standard Probe:


SC-5 Slim Probe:           $185.00

Type-4 Slim Probe:   $185.00

Avatar Point Probe Options:


The new SC-5 Point Probe, fabricated with molded, lightweight, high strength plastics offers a balanced, lightweight, comfortable, meridian point measurement sensor.


The precision machined and polished brass sensor tip is noticeable more sensitive, easier to use and your clients will find it more comfortable.


The new SC-5 Point Probe is available in a slimmer diameter version for smaller hands.

Both models of the new Point Probe are available with the correct connector for your Avatar Type-4 unit.

Brass Hand Electrodes:  $50.00 each

Brass Hand Electrodes

Avatar Hand Electrodes are machined from solid brass material.  They provide an excellent electrical conductivity.

SC-5 Hand Electrode Cable:  $24

Type-4 Hand Electrode Cable:  $24

Hand-Electrode Connector Cables

The new Hand-Electrode cables These are made of high-strength, Kevlar wrapped material.  They are flexible and durable.


The new Hand-Electrode cables are also available for Avatar Type-4 units, fitted with banana type plugs at each end.



SC-5 USB Cable:   $24

WaveFront-3000 USB Cable:  $15

USB Cables

The Avatar SC-5 connects to a PC with a standard USB Type-A to Type-B mini, 6 foot cable.



The WaveFront-3000 connects to a PC with a standard USB Type-A to Type-B, 6 foot cable.

SC-5 Honeycomb:  $85

SC-5 Honeycomb

The SC-5 Honeycomb provides a convenient holder for multiple remedy test ampoules.  It is fabricated from aircraft grade aluminum.  The SC-5 Ampoule Honeycomb is designed to fit the SC-5’s top plate recess and its surface has been finished to match the top plate material of the Avatar SC-5.


The SC-5 Honeycomb will accommodate 17 ampoules of various sizes:


9 11mm (7/16th inch) ampoules +

7 12mm (1/2 inch) ampoules+

1 16mm (5/8 inch) ampoule


SC-5 Honeycomb Dimensions:


Diameter 6.5mm (2½ inches)

Height 2cm (7/8 inch)

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