Certified Training:


Meridian Point Testing is an acquired skill. Developing the tactile sensitivity required to produce

consistent, reproducible, accurate point results starts with proper training.


Certified Avatar trainers have extensive clinical experience and they have been thoroughly trained in

fundamental meridian testing techniques.


Training starts with a Level One, two day course. This is a “hands-on” personal instruction class is

designed to ensure that students get off to a good start.


Advanced training courses are also available.



Certified SC-5 Trainers:


Sandra Stewart

Hillsborough, North Carolina


(585) 747-3836


Dr. Andreas Marx

Huntersville, North Carolina


(541) 580-1077


Shawnna Murphy

Jelm, Wyoming


(307) 262-2475


Yolanda Clay

Stone Mountain, Georgia


(678) 789-7141


Shazar Robinson

Bicton, Western Australia


+61 (402) 008801


Tom McFarlan

London, Ontario Canada


(519) 649-2222



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