VeraDyne Commitment to Privacy


Every visitor to our Web site is crucial to our business and as such, we place a high value on any personal information you decide to share with us. This privacy statement outlines what we will -- and will not - do with any information you give us.


VeraDyne Asks for Specific Personal Information

VeraDyne only asks for specific types of personal information on our Web site, and it is always optional for you to participate. For example, there are areas on our site which are only accessible by registering. There are a variety of forms you may choose to fill out in order to contact VeraDyne or to place an order. We may also have forms for participating in promotional offers or to participate in a mailing list. In order to participate in any of these, we will request personal information such as name and address, phone numbers, customer number or similar personal information.


Opt Out of Receiving Further Web-based Marketing

You can choose to be removed from our web-generated marketing lists. You can contact us at Contact Information at any time.


Non-disclosure of Information to Outside Organizations

Information gathered on the Internet, including personal information, or information about your business transactions with VeraDyne will not be disclosed to outside organizations for use in marketing or solicitation, although your information may be shared with agents or contractors for purposes assigned by VeraDyne.


VeraDyne Security for Internet Commerce

VeraDyne is committed to data security for any information collected on the Web site. We offer the industry-standard security measures now available, particularly SSL encryption. We will continue to offer alternatives to Internet-based ordering.


VeraDyne Customized Web Experience

VeraDyne may make use of technology to deliver a customized web experience, including the use of cookies. Our use of this technology does not mean that we automatically know anything about you. Cookie information is only used to provide a better user experience - VeraDyne will not contact you based on cookie information, or use cookie information for any other marketing purpose.


VeraDyne Use of Aggregate Data

Except as described above, the information collected from the Web site is used only as aggregate data to help us better organize the site, and to determine the value of various areas on the site. This information includes site logs, IP numbers, traffic pattern data and the like. This information is not used to identify individual people.



About VeraDyne Corporation:

Founded in 1991, VeraDyne Corporation is committed to the development of advanced Alternative Health Care technologies.  The longevity and success of our company can be attributed to superior products and unrivaled customers support.


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DISCLAIMER: We do not make any medical claims for the SC-5, nor  do we claim medical diagnostic ability for this hardware . The SC-5 functions as an ohmmeter .  The operator controls the use of the equipment. © Copyright - VeraDyne Corporation.  ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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